Welcome to Becky's Walkies Training & Behaviour. Established in 2010 we specialise in working with anxious and reactive dogs. 

We have a strong passion for helping dogs who struggle in our society. Having worked with many dogs and their guardians over the years as well as living with our own sensitive dogs we know how hard it can be on a day-to-day basis. 

Focusing solely on these behaviours allows us to put together packages which will allow more ongoing support for our clients. 

During this time, we have also created a system which every dog owner can implement and is something we cover throughout all behaviour modification in more depth - The Canine Confidence Triangle focusing on 3 main points ENVIRONMENT - ENRICHMENT - EXPERIENCES. 

All new clients will need to book the initial assessment before moving onto packages. This can be found in the booking section. If you are not sure, please email beckyswalkies@yahoo.co.uk or contact us via Facebook. 



- About me -


Becky is a Degree qualified dog trainier and behaviourist based in Plymouth, UK. She lives at home with her two teenagers, 6 dogs and 2 cats. 

After leaving her job at her local resuce centre in 2010, Becky started up her own dog walking business. This soon grew fast and Becky wanted to offer more to help the dogs she was walking. Becky went on to study for her degree in Canine Traning & Behaviour with Bishop Burton College.  Since then she has continued her study throughout the years with many insititutes including the IMDT, The School of Canine Science, Master Course in Canine Aggression, UK College of Scent Dogs, Canine Principles and Is also a full member of the Pet Professional Guilde. 


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